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We are committed to provide both constructive and cost effective service by means of the most modern and scientific auditing service by means of the most modern and scientific auditing techniques. The function of our audit division is flexible enough to ensure that we are well placed to give helpful advice on operation of  accounting systems. Because of our familiarity with client’s business, our review and evaluation of the existing internal control system and auditing techniques employed is value-additive. Our staff is in a meaningful position to make valuable recommendation to assist the client in:

  • Strengthening the internal control system
  • Improving the accounting procedure.
  • Savings on taxes.

Our audit staffs are sometimes asked to perform examination of a different nature or for purpose other than regular audit. Examples of such special engagements are:

  • Evaluation of Inventory and other current assets.
  • Evaluation of management systems and procedures.
  • Special examinations to detect fraud or to determine the extent of a fraud, which has been committed.
  • Financial evaluation of contractual arrangements.
  • Studies on the availability of a proposed venture.
  • Interim reporting including monthly or quarterly profit or loss accounts, together with significant data as at end or these period, for example statements of current assets, liabilities, orders on hand etc.
  • Special cost and economic studies such as the study of capital costs and potential profits if output is increased with  additional lines of activities.
Assisting management in the interpretation of financial data and rendering advice in       connection with pending decisions.

A significant part of our success must have been due to the effective Taxation advice we provide to clients in both the corporate and other sectors. Our qualified Tax specialists are in a position to act in close co-operation with the client before the final decision is taken, planning his taxation affairs in a way that fully answers his purpose. We render tax service as an integral part of the audit process.

In rendering tax advisory service we essentially help the client to:
  • Minimize his tax liability within the provision of the law.
  • Avoid risk of penalty impositions due to erroneous filing of return
Our tax practice consists principally of:
  • Reviewing clients Income Tax Returns
  • Preparing clients Income Tax Returns
  • Representing clients in dealing with tax authorities
  • Preparing protest appeals and claims for refund
  • Assisting clients in tax planning
  • Advising clients on tax implications of proposed contracts or financial transactions
  • Acting as general advisor on tax matters
  • Tax Planning

Tax audit, which constitutes another segment of our practice, is earned out to.

  • Verify the soundness of tax concepts applied by the company.
  • Identify ways and means for better business tax planning
  • Avoid / minimize costly litigation.
  • Client’s compliance with legal obligations.

Financial Planning concerns itself with estimating, forecasting and planning financial results for a given period, ascertaining funding requirements and ensuring that cash is managed with maximum effectiveness, determining the feasibility of further capital investment proposals, designing effective yet simple management systems for the control of the business and initiating cost reduction programme to contain certain costs in specified areas of activity. In order words, financial planning is concerned with achieving a given financial objective by solving such problem as:

  • What total volume of assets a business should acquire and maintain.
  • What is composition should be in terms of kinds of assets.
  • How the total funds required for this purpose should be financed.

Financial Analysis required to answer three questions has its roots in accounting and we are well placed to provide financial analysis including valuation of assets and liabilities. The areas covered by our financial planning division are:

  • Financial Analysis and projections.
  • Forecasting & Budgeting.
  • Cash planning & funding
  • Funds management.
  • Capital expenditure on projects.
  • Profitability Analysis and cost accounting.
  • Management Information system.
  • Credit management
  • Cost reduction
We are equally well equipped to give proper guidance to our client in the working knowledge of Financial Institutions and legal framework of finance.

Project Development Services cover the activities we undertake to assist in the planning, development and implementation of new industrial projects and enterprises. The PDS division provides support and assistance at all levels of the investment decision process from the identification of investment opportunities to the execution of the decision. The specific services rendered may be analyzed as follows:

  • Investment Promotion Strategy
  • Project Identification and Formation
  • Pre-feasibility studies

The secretarial services division provides secretarial services to the corporate clients in

  • Incorporation of companies
  • Maintenance of Statutory Record
  • Preparation of prospectus and statement in lieu of prospectus
  • Filing of various Statutory Returns
  • Company Law Matters in general.
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